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Starting at $20/mo.
with no hidden fees,

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no HD fees
no Internet fees
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no Local channel fees
no Rental box fees
no Sports fees

Q & A

$99 starter Kit, including one full HD receiver with DVR, antenna & parts, free standard installation.

KIWISAT Prepay has 3 different subscription packages.

KP 1: For $20 per month, 50 video channels are provided, 39 HD channels.

KP 2: For $30 per month, 103 channels are provided, 83 HD channels.

KP 3: For $50 per month,135 channels are provided, 115 HD channels.

KP 4: For $65 per month,166+ channels are provided, 149+ HD channels.

All package has 38 extra music audio channels.

Yes, we offer 30 day free trial after you active your service.

You could cancel KIWISAT Prepay anytime, no penalty.

You own all the equipment, no return needed. You can restart with Kiwisat Prepay at any time.

No, we do not require credit check.

As Soon as 72 Hours! Kiwisat installation team will bring all necessary equipment to you.

Our agency in Puerto Rico is located at 1st Floor, Ponce de León 304, Hato Rey, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00918.

Kiwisat is available at the whole territory of Puerto Rico and USVI.

Yes, we have most popular local channels, including Telemodo, WAPA, ABC, CBS, CW…..

  • Pay your bill in person by visiting our office, cash or credit/debit card are accepted.
  • Online payment via, credit/debit card only.
  • Download APP, credit/debit card only.
  • d. Puma gas station, cash or credit/debit card are accepted.

It is easy to access your online account. To login for the first time:

  • Go to
  • Request a password by clicking on forgot password.
  • Go to your email inbox and find the email from Kiwisat with the new password.
  • Access your account using the new password.
  • You have to change the password before disconnecting.

If your device didn’t connect to the power when you made your payment, please connect the device and wait for 24 hours until it receives the system update. Alternative you can call us to refresh your device.

Always remember to keep your device connected to a power source to keep it updated.

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